Romantic feet

It was really unexpected. Partly, because it's so hard to believe such things. But since a few days my feet are in love. I can say that it feels like a real romance. You notice it, especially in the morning. As soon as I have my socks on they start crying. It's probably because they are torn apart and want to be together. The disadvantage is, that it's a moistering experience. I also know that my shoes aren't very pleased with the situation. And not because they are jealous. It's more because they want to keep the leather tidy... which seems impossible. In the evenings when I go to bed, you feel the relieve. Both feet relax and cuddle all night long. They just don't seem to get enough of each other. To be honest, I don't know what to do about it. It is a bit silly to leave my shoes off and walk about with bare feet, just to give them a change, when I'm sitting, to hug. Considering the place I live, that is no option. I mean, I don't have sunny beaches as scenary. Than my girlfriend, tired of the sweaty goodnights, said one evening, slightly irritated: "Why don't you go to the doctor?" After some consideration I did. My most important reason? I could no longer take the suffering of my feet. Before going in, I had all sorts of ideas. I expected the doctor to say: 'Maybe it is best to buy duo-shoes, so they can be close together. Walking might be a bit difficult at first, but that is a question of getting used to'. But he was very brief. He looked at my feet and said: "You have sweaty feet. Put this on them and it will go away".

How unromantic.