All I ever said was: 'I don't want to be a duck'. And see what happened. On a beautiful morning I woke up to find myself quack. Tell you the truth, I first thought that it was my girlfriend... lying naked next to me. But she was still asleep. She woke up because of the noise and almost had a heartattack. "What have you and I been drinking last night", she wanted to know. Well, as you might have guessed, I couldn't say much. She than, kindly, offered me a mirror and said: "you should have a look at yourself!" To be honest, I never looked as beautiful as I did that morning. Okee, I changed into a duck, but what the hack. My girlfriend was kind enough to make a picture, for if we ever had children. I must admit, that I was wondering if it would ever happen. I thougth, well time will tell. As you can imagine, I was more worried what to tell my boss. I couldn't really phone him to explain. For a moment I considered sending him a twitter-message, but I immediately saw the difficulty in doing so. Maybe I should take a bath. I can do some swimming and it will give me some time to think things through. I had no idea if ducks ever took baths. I mean, they are mostly in the water so why should they. Looking back, I'm glad, I did. Because while I was bathing, I transformed into my old self again. Well, that is what I think happened. Because I can't remember stepping in or out of the tub. All I do know, is that my girlfriend asked me if I wanted tea or coffee. "Or shall I try to get some duckfoot at the petshop on the corner", she added, half seriously. Her kiss, when she saw me, was so passionate that, for a moment, I considered calling in sick. Nowadays she sometimes teases me with the picture of that duck. "If only my children will look like that", she jokingly says. "We can all swim". If only she was that lucky.